June 4, 2015

How to prepare for your maternity session |Ottawa Maternity Photographer

The best time for maternity portraits is somewhere around your 7 ½ – 8 month mark. You want a nice big belly, but don’t wait until you feel huge and bloated. Plus you might want to show off some of your best photos at your baby shower! For those mama-to-be here are some great tips or making the most of your maternity photo session.
1. Get your hair and makeup done professionally the day of your shoot. It’s totally worth it to indulge in a mini-makeover day, and get those ringlet curls or the blow-out you love, and have your makeup just right (and last throughout the shoot).2.  Go ahead get a mani/pedi. I do lots of hand on belly poses and clean nails go a long way! Bring bracelets and jewelry since they add visual interest to the image.
3.  Wardrobe. You’ll want your tummy to take center stage! Maxi dresses are great for this, as are t-shirts that hug your tummy, over jeans or leggings. Layers look great, and bring a pair of fabulous shoes or a great statement necklace for a pop of color and texture. For those pictures with your beautiful belly showing, I recommend bandeau bras on top, or a simply-styled bikini top, with full skirts. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Make sure to coordinate your clothing with your partner and avoid heavy patterns and logos.
4.  Make sure to bring your props for those “Pinterest” type shots (baby shoes, ultrasound image, ribbon, letters etc)
5.  Moisturize that belly! We want to capture a smooth belly without dry flaky skin.
6.  Bring more than one outfit. I recommend one casual, one dressy
7.  At least two hours before our shoot, please try to remove anything with elastic such as a tight shirt, pants, underwear or a bra to prevent strap marks from appearing on your skin.
8.  Eat a light snack before the shoot. Bring snacks and drinks for the kids if shooting with children.

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