January 23, 2014

Locations guide – Ottawa photographer

Not sure which location to choose from for your upcoming portrait session?   This guide will help you find and discover the perfect location! Ottawa has so many hidden gems, here are a few I discovered…

Andrew Hayden Park

Located in the west part of the Ottawa area, this beautiful park is accented with waterfalls, rocks, water, trees and bridges.

Experimental Farm (*revised * Permit is required call 613-759-1982)

This is for individuals looking for the nature look in a relaxed environment. This location boasts beautiful flowers, and gardens along with shaded tree areas and water.

Tabaret Building at the University of Ottawa/University of Ottawa Campus

This old constructed building, located in the downtown area (in the University of Ottawa), is a sure hit for those who wish to have a nice architectural feel to their photos. This building features large columns and a beautiful grand front entrance. Nice trees and rocks are also found around the area providing for more options.

Stratchcona Park

Located in the downtown Ottawa core, this location is highlighted by a beautiful fountain! This area also features older homes and churches with interesting doors and porches! Great for an alternative but natural look to your photos.

Rockliffe Park/Rockeries

Heading towards the east part of the city, you will find this picturesque beautiful location along the Ottawa River. This site features ruins and a gazebo area along with natural trees and beautiful flowers. Lots of great options in this area

Petrie Island

Trying to bring the beach theme to your wedding or special event? Located in the East part of the city, Petrie Island boasts a beautiful sandy beach, with treed areas and beautiful waters

Hogs Back Park/Mooney’s Bay

This site is located in the south end of the city and offers multiple options. Flowered and treed areas offer great backdrops for the nature lover. For those wishing to bring a beach theme to their collection, photos can be taken along the beach at Money’s Bay where little secluded bridges can also be found

Theatre de l’Iles (Gatineau)

Located in the downtown area just as you cross the bridge to Gatineau, this little island offers multiple options. Rock walls are featured with graffiti, along with a rock bridge and fence, water, large willow trees and a building with wooden architecture.

MacKenzie King Estate (Old Chelsea)

Capture your photos with this breathtaking scenery located in the Gatineau Park, only 25 min away from downtown Ottawa. The Estate capture some of Ottawa history with our 10th prime minister’s by being surrounded ruins, gorgeous natural scenery, and wonderful colors.

Aylmer Marina

Also known as “Parc des Cèdres”, this place is a popular and primary attraction to Aylmer (now Gatineau), Québec.  This location has a beach, a marina, and many interesting parks.  Symms Inn is also located here is considered a heritage jewel.

Wakefield Mill

This historic charming heritage country inn is located in Wakefield, Quebec. Take in spectacular scenery of nature at its finest.

Bate Island

Situated in the middle of the Ottawa River, Bate Island is the perfect location to catch some of the city’s best sunsets, with a beautiful view of both the Ontario and Quebec sides

Byward Market/Courtyard

Downtown Ottawa, the Courtyard’s warm and charming atmosphere make it the perfect setting for your special occasion, family photos or personal urban photo shoot.

Parliament Hill

A symbol of national pride for Canadians and one of the most significant heritage sites in Canada the grounds offer many different angles of the breath taking views of Ottawa.

Confederation Park

Parc de la Confédération) is a park in downtown Ottawa and a National Historic Site of Canada. It is bordered on the south by Laurier Avenue and Ottawa City Hall; on the east by the Rideau Canal; on the north by the Mackenzie King Bridge, the Rideau Centre and the National Arts Centre; and, to the west, by Elgin Street and the Lord Elgin Hotel.

Museum of Civilization

The back of the museum offers many interesting views of the Ottawa/Gatineau area.  The site has many different types of scenery to make your photos as interesting as you.

Rideau Falls

The park provides an impressive view of the twin curtains of water that gave the falls its name, and the site where the Ottawa River meets the Rideau River.

Governor General’s residence

The grounds of Rideau Hall, which were designated as a cultural landscape of national historic significance, represent one of the finest historic landscapes in Canada.  In keeping with British landscape tradition; the grounds are divided between treed lawns, flowerbeds and service areas, with some areas remaining in a semi-wild state

Willson Carbide Mill

The mill is a short hike from the O’Brien Beach parking lot (P11, $), approximately 4km round trip.  At the north end of Little Meech Lake lays the ruins of Thomas Willson’s Carbide Mill.  The mill was built around 1911, and abandoned shortly after.  It also has a beautiful waterfall.

Remic Rapids Park

This beautiful park along the Ottawa River Parkway caters to all, with a wide range of things to see and do. The scenic location offers a spectacular view of the Ottawa River and the rapids

Victoria Island

With a rich history and scenic location, Victoria Island has a lot to offer. At the foot of the Chaudière Falls, visitors can enjoy a fantastic view of the Ottawa River, the Parliament Buildings and the Gatineau Hills

La ferme Moore

Exceptional site for interaction between an urban setting and the rural world.

La ferme Proulx

Located east of Orleans, Ontario, Proulx Sugarbush and Berry Farm has been in the business of farming and providing farm entertainment for its visitors since 1920. The farm has a range of events and activities for visitors of all ages from the Pancake House to the Mysterious Forest.



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