December 22, 2013

Final thoughts for the year

My family and I enjoy this time of the year very much!  In my opinion, it’s a time for joys, sorrows and reflection of the past year.  I especially love it because I get time-off to spend with my loved ones!

This year, we have decided to celebrate the Holidays with my “snowbird” parents in sunny Florida.  Our travel team consists of Summer (7), Jacoby (18) and Ben’s Father Bob to add to our travelling mix.  We rented a beautiful villa minutes from my parents’ house so we get to spend some quality time as a family AND my parents also get a stress free Holidays (no pun intended)!  Both my brothers and longtime girlfriend are also coming down so I’m super-duper excited to spend time with everyone!

This time off will be a much deserved vacation after a very busy Photography season!  I can’t thank you enough for making my dream a reality and helping me become successful in my photography journey!  Also, this year I had the chance to work along-side some awesome and very talented people (Hiba, Clarisse, Rebecca)!

A big shout out to my AMAZING supporting husband Ben for being so good with me through this whole endeavor!  He’s been there through thick and thin and my biggest fan and supporter!  THANK YOU!

Overall 2013 was EVERYTHING I’d wish it could be and more!  Bring on 2014!!!

Cheers my friends!  Have a great Christmas season!

Photo by: Julie Hearty Photography

Chritmas card


Your friend,


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